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Playing with Light

After attending a class and a couple of lectures from photographer Becky Jaffe, one thing I took away was to freely explore and question both scientific and mathematical concepts that are taken for granted in our world. There could even be no questions nor answers as long as you let your mind be fully immersed in something that was enough. This lead to this project that was completely out of my comfort zone where we played around with scale, angles, direction, and framing. But even I was surprised by the result. This group of images was composed of a few prisms, plexiglass, and colored lights.

Times Tables

In this project, we had the goal of creating a 2-dimensional object out of a 1-dimensional object to explore dimensions using multiplication. We started out with choosing a number under and divisible from 120 that would be our “modulus” and a “multiplayer”
that’s any number less than the modulus. We were also given string and a ring of plexiglass marked with numbers 0-120, each with a small notch and hole carved above and below each number, respectively.
Starting from 1, we would multiply each number by the multiplier and connect the number to its answer by a string sewn through the holes in the ring. We would continue to do this until the last number, the modulus, and a unique 2D object was formed.
The module I chose was 60 and the multiplier 2. For me, these numbers represent my journey in life, transitioning from absolute certainty to deeper and deeper uncertainty. Different numbers divisible from 60 represent different stages of my life, my emotions and thoughts I have or had often leading me into multiple directions and unable to focus on one thing in my life.



A visual interpretation of a 120- Cell- the 4D version of a dodecahedron which is composed of 10 congruent pentagons

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