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William's Chair

During my Junior year in my undergraduate career, as sort of a test for premiering my comic book, Avalon, in a gallery setting, I wanted to experiment with a new story that I was working on. During this class, however, I was challenged to make my characters as authentic and real as I could and experiment with other mediums to communicate those characters and bring them into my audience's world. From this, I came up with a comic centered around William- a middle-aged blue-collar, working man from a small town that has a sort of mental crisis after he meets a younger college student at a bar that makes him question everything about his life including his sexuality. The images behind the chair are composed of a single image that was broken up and switched around to bring out and give a clue to some of the conflicts and contrasts between and within characters.
This project had a big influence on how I continued developing my main comic and how I would present that in my Senior gallery show the following year. I also fully plan to make a full silent comic based around this piece.

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